A gifted young man endured a tormented childhood at the hands of his mentally troubled adoptive mother. Told that his birth mother had died to give him life, he shouldered the blame yet still found the strength to attempt the impossible. With a week’s worth of clothes and a guitar, he left his small town for New York City to make his mark as a singer/songwriter. Navigating treacherous twists and turns along his journey to fame, overcoming his personal demons of abandonment, self sabotage, substance abuse, heartbreak and failure, he always held true in his heart that his real mother was indeed alive and that one day he would find her. This beacon served as a guiding light as he discovered himself in a true spiritual sense, and set about making peace with his past; paving the way for his biggest success, writing the Grammy award winning, classic Rock anthem “Shadows of the Night.” He would finally become ready for the realization of his most secret, heartfelt and cherished dream.

Adoptee Author: D.L. Byron

Publication Year: 2019

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