Is there a book you loved that you think we should list at Adoptee Reading? Please complete the form below to submit your suggestion to us.


If you are an adult adoptee, you may suggest any adoption-themed book or any title written by an adoptee, including yourself. (Note that we do not accept suggestions from anyone under the age of 18.)

If you are not an adoptee, you may only suggest:

  • a book written by an adoptee, or
  • a non-adoptee-authored book for which you can provide a positive published review written by an adoptee.
  • please note that children’s books authored by adoptees under the age of 18 also require a recommendation by an adult adoptee before they will be listed on this site

Please note that in order to uphold our goal of creating an adoptee-centric resource, the following books will not be approved:

  • books from which sales profits directly benefit adoption agencies, attorneys, or other facilitators

Books not meeting the requirements outlined above will not be added.


Optional: Let us know if the book has been reviewed

Please provide links to reviews written by adoptees if you know of any. If the review was published in print but is not available online, please indicate this (including the name of the review author and the name and date of the publication) in the box labelled “Why do you recommend this book?”

Please note that by “review,” we mean an article-length, critical discussion of the book, as might appear in a newspaper or in a publication such as Publishers Weekly, for example. For our purposes, “review” does not include pre-publication blurbs or feedback posted by readers to sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, etc.


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