To commemorate the end of the decade, Adoptee Reading has curated a list of 100 adoptee-authored books published between 2010 and 2019. This is not a comprehensive list; we were forced to leave out numerous additional titles in order to get down to a perfect one hundred. We’re excited andRead More →

            Edited 2/28/19: Since we published this post back in December 2018, we’ve discovered four additional books by adoptees that were published in 2018, bringing the total up to twenty-four! This has been a big year for adoptee literature. In 2018, we posted twenty twenty-fourRead More →

Transracial adoptees are those raised in families of a different race than their own. Sometimes these adoptees were also born in different countries than the ones they live in as adopted people. We can all learn much from these adoptees about issues of racial and cultural identity. Here are fifteenRead More →

There is currently an imbalance in the number of adoptee-authored articles, blogs, and books being written by women vs. men, so it can be difficult for male adoptees to connect with others like themselves. Here are ten books–memoirs, novels, and a poetry collection–written by male adoptees.       ARead More →

Adoptees come from a variety of backgrounds and have formed many different viewpoints about their experiences. These anthologies comprised of stories, essays, letters, and poems by a multitude of adoptee authors celebrate this complexity.       The Adoptee Survival Guide: Adoptees Share Their Wisdom and Tools Edited by LynnRead More →

Many adoptees who have reunited with their birth family members know that adoption reunion is not always the easy, happy event portrayed in popular media. Here are 10 memoirs written by adoptees that detail complex reunion experiences.       A Single Square Picture: A Korean Adoptee’s Search for HerRead More →

The Baby Scoop Era — from 1940 to 1970 — was a period during which an estimated 4 million mothers in the United States relinquished babies for adoption. Here are five books written by adoptees born during this time frame:       Ithaka: A Daughter’s Memoir of Being FoundRead More →