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Scoop Baby: . . . It Is Time

by H.T. Sawyer

They said her baby died…

Baby Scoop Era: Once upon a time, unwed mothers were trained to care for their babies, largely by Christian women. In the 1940’s, however, maternity wards began to gain favor, as did the idea of relinquishing babies to well-meaning strangers. Training evaporated and adoption, rather than family care, became the norm, especially for those of the Caucasian race.

Unwed young women were hidden during pregnancy and sentenced after birth to silence and secrecy.

Rhodie was pregnant and unmarried. Her family ranked among the poor in her small town. Honor was their greatest asset, until now.

“Your baby died.” The doctor, the nurse, her mother . . . they all spoke the terrible words. Now, she should get on with life, learn from her unspeakable mistake and move on, for her own good.

Rhodie would move on, but she’d never forgive and she’d certainly never forget.

Shirley was one of millions adopted in infancy within a “sealed state.” Unspoken rules barred probing questions. The fabricated birth certificate and missing heritage are for your own good. Just be grateful.

At last daring to ask God for answers muted by man, Shirley heard his reply. “It is time.”

This is a story of tragedy and triumph, lies and truth. Within, find heartbreak, forgiveness, God’s magnificent timing, and a love that works all things together for our good.

Adoptee Author: H.T. Sawyer

Publication Year: 2015

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Scoop Baby
Scoop Baby
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