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Called Home, Book 2: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects

Edited by Patricia Busbee and Trace A. DeMeyer

From recent news about Baby Veronica to history like Operation Papoose, this book examines how Native American adoptees and their families experienced adoption and were exposed to the genocidal policies of governments who created Indian adoption projects. The editors Trace A. DeMeyer and Patricia Busbee, both adoptees, found other Native adult survivors of adoption and asked them to write a narrative. In the part one of Called Home, adoptees share their unique experience of living in Two Worlds, feeling CALLED HOME, surviving assimilation via adoption, opening sealed adoption records, and in most cases, a reunion with tribal relatives. Adoptees who wrote in Two Worlds provide updates in part two. In part three, adoptees still searching for their families share their birth information, date and location. Recent history about the Supreme Court case involving Baby Veronica and The New Normal: DNA is also covered by co-editor Trace DeMeyer.

Editors: Patricia Busbee, Trace A. DeMeyer

Adoptee Authors: Thayla Barrett, Starla Bilyeu, Janell Black Owl, Elizabeth Blake, Lisa Bos, Jonathan Brooks, Patricia Busbee, Amelia Cagle, Ben Ani Chosa, Marylyn Jean Chrismer, Trace A. DeMeyer, Alice Diver, Levi EagleFeather, Suzie Fedorko, Samantha Franklin, Lynn Grubb, Mark Heister, Andrea Hill, Gail Huggard, Karen Ann Jefferson, Karen Kaminawaish, Joan Kauppi, Cynthia Lammers, Douglas LittleJohn, Meschelle Linjean, Mitzi Lipscomb, Janell Loos, Karla Mena, Leland Morrill, Jessup Fasthorse Neubert, Terry Niska, Anecia O’Carroll, Thomas Pierce, Michael Pintozzi, Debbie Poitras, Catie Ransom, Evelyn Red Lodge, Brit Reed, Drew Rutledge, Lawrence Sampson, Sheryl Lee Sinclair, Mary St. Martin, Jesse Stonefield, Mary Thompson, Patrick Yeakey

Authors: Judi Armbruster, Kim Dupre, Suzanne Zahrt Murphy, Kim Shuck

Publication Year: 2014

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