Korean adult adoptees speak out in this anthology. Through memories, reflections, and poetry, adoptees speak to the range of issues that accompany adoption: feelings of belonging and difference, self and other, culture and accomodation, love and loss. We now know that it is in late adolescence and young adulthood that many adoptees move full-tilt into struggling with these issues. These writings offer a wonderful tool to help adoptees move through the process.

Editors: Nancy Fox, Sook Wilkinson, PhD

Adoptee Authors: Kathleen Bergquist, PhD; Mi Ok Song Bruining; Kara Carlisle; Thomas Park Clement; LJ Cromley; Hwa Sun (Sunny) Diaz; Kate Hers; Jung-Hoe Hopgood; Yang Kwi Hwa; Sunny Jo; Peter Kearly; Stephanie Lagman; Stephen C. Morrison; Lee Lind; Robert Ogburn; Shannon E. O’Neill; Dominic Pangborn; Susanne Penner; Jo Rankin; Christine Jones Regan; Adair Renning; Asia Renning; Mark Rodgers; Paul Shin, PhD; Mary Lee Vance, PhD; Geoffrey van Veen; Rebecca Waybill; Michelle Zebrowski

Publication Year: 2002

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