Thirty adoptee authors provide support, encouragement, and understanding to other adoptees in facing the complexities of being adopted, embarking on search and reunion, fighting for equal access to identifying information, navigating complex family relationships with the latest technology, and surviving it all with a sense of humor.

Editor: Lynn Grubb

Adoptee Author: Kara Albano, Wendy Barkett, Karen Brown Belanger, JoAnne Bennett, Nicole Blank, Karen Caffrey, Von Coates, Elle Cuardaigh, Laura Dennis, Becky Drinnen, Sophi Fletcher, Lisa Floyd, Lynn Grubb, Jeff Hancock, Stephani Harris, Rebecca Hawkes, Cathy Heslin, Jodi Gibson Haywood, Marla Jones, Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen, Ann Martin, Zack Pasters, Deanna Doss Shrodes, Lynn Steinberg, Paige Adams Strickland, Gaye Sherman Tannenbaum, Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston, Holly Watson, Daryn Watson, Rayne Wolfe

Publication Year: 2015

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