Are you ready for a change? Like really ready? Have you battled low self-esteem, poor internal dialogue, remnants of a traumatic childhood, abusive relationship, or simply feeling a bit… lost?

You have the key to unlocking a better you… right inside yourself. In your heart, your mind, your spirit. But this is a journey that isn’t for the faint of heart because it requires honesty, clarity, and commitment.

This 45 day guided journal asks you the important questions to guide and shape a better, healthier future for you. Advice from others only means so much as it may or may not apply to your life, but in this journal you’ll shape your own future with your own thoughts, feelings, and goals personal to you.

If you’re ready to be bold, to be brave, to be honest, and to move forward from a place of stagnation, this journal is a great place to start.

Adoptee Author: Melissa A. Corrigan

Publication Year: 2023

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