Together At Last is a collection of first-person stories that explores the intersection of multiple histories: the Korean War, military camptowns, immigration, and transnational adoption. Taken together, they challenge us to rethink the legacies of the un-ended Korean War and re-evaluate the foundational role that Korean military wives and adoption played in the formation of the Korean American community. At the same time, these stories reveal how consumer DNA testing has radically altered the search and reunion process for adoptees, sometimes disclosing shocking family secrets and long-sought answers about identity in a matter of weeks. But the seeming simplicity of DNA tests belies the challenge of how we deal with the consequences of newly discovered familial connections. What these narratives illustrate is the capacity of the human heart to persevere and forgive, while opening up to the vulnerable work of reshaping self and family. –Deann Borshay Liem, Filmmaker

Adoptee Editors: Katherine Kim, Linda Papi Rounds

Editors: Nancy Lee Blackman, Paul Lee Cannon, Cerrissa Kim

Publication Year: 2020

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