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Second Choices: A Story of Belonging and Finding Home

by June Wright

Elise, an adoptee, had always felt like a second choice. When she fell in love with and married Evan, she believed she was finally someone’s first choice. She longed for a place to feel validated, loved, and, most importantly, fit in.

But Evan had demons of his own. Demons so powerful, they threatened to destroy Elise, and they nearly did when she finally had the courage to stand up to them. The tragic aftermath left her in a state of shock, burdened by the weight of her guilt.

Years later, a second choice might provide her with the happiness and sense of belonging she had yearned for all her life. Elise must confront her fears, shed the critical voices in her head, and choose to be happy or risk perpetuating the patterns others have inflicted on her forever.

Inspired by true events, Elise’s story gives us a heartbreaking, heartfelt, and hopeful account of one woman’s search for belonging and home.

This story has themes of adoption, miscarriage, verbal abuse and control, eating disorders, and suicide. But the story is mostly about love, hope, and searching for a sense of belonging.

Adoptee Author: June Wright

Publication Year: 2023

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Second Choices
Second Choices
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