Rooted in Adoption: A Collection of Adoptee Reflections is a collection of short narratives from those who have been adopted. Adoptees of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences were asked discuss the joys of adoption and the struggles of living a life of secrecy and lost identity. Rooted in Adoption elevates the adoptee voice and helps to bring truth and social awareness to the adoption experience. Adoptees are not always given a voice, even when they are the ones primarily affected by adoption. There may be times when adoptive parents need guidance-plus real insight, real knowledge, and the voice of an expert. Only adoptees can truly unravel the complexities of the adoption journey. Internationally recognized trauma expert, motivational speaker, and psychotherapist Jules Alvarado, shares her insight on adoption related trauma. This is a great resource for educators, mental health professionals, birth families, adoptive parents, or those looking to adopt.

Adoptee Authors: Veronica Breaux, Shelby Kilgore

Publication Year: 2020

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