Through fourteen chapters, the authors of Parenting As Adoptees give readers a glimpse into a pivotal phase in life that touches the experiences of many domestic and international adoptees–that of parenting. The authors, who are all adoptees from various walks of life, intertwine their personal narratives and professional experiences, and the results of their efforts are insightful, emotive, and powerful. Despite its topical focus, the book will interest individuals within and outside of the adoption community who are not parents.

Editors: Adam Chau, Kevin Ost-Vollmers

Adoptee Authors: Susan Branco AlvaradoBert Ballard, Stephanie Kripa Cooper-Lewter, Lorial Crowder, Astrid Dabbeni, Shannon Gibney, Mark Hagland, JaeRan Kim, Hei Kyong Kim, Jennifer Lauck, Mary Martin Mason, Robert O’Connor, John Raible, Sandy White Hawk

Author: Courtney Cooper-Lewter

Publication Year: 2012

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