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Mystic Masquerade: An Adoptee’s Search for Truth

by Valerie Naiman

Mystic Masquerade: An Adoptee’s Search for Truth is an epic story of adoption that weaves together DNA, ancient wisdom, esoteric knowledge and suppressed information about humanity’s origins. Adopted at birth in Miami, Valerie Naiman healed the trauma of infant separation by embarking on a spiritual journey to discover her roots. Her travels take her across the world including India and Peru where she learns from saints and spiritual leaders. The author seeks to discover her origins by enlisting help from private investigators, search angels, psychics, and other kind souls. Unraveling the mystery of her own stolen identity, Valerie investigates our most asked question, “Who am I?”

Mystic Masquerade addresses issues surrounding the ethics and complexities of adoption while taking the reader through her own unique life experiences. This touching memoir is a must-read for anyone part of the adoption triad or for those who enjoy a real-life mystery filled with twists and turns.

Adoptee Author: Valerie Naiman

Publication Year: 2023

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Mystic Masquerade: An Adoptee's Search for Truth
Mystic Masquerade: An Adoptee's Search for Truth
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