Imagine, if you can, if you could trace your beginnings to a specific moment in time. If that specific moment had never happened, your existence–and everything and everybody you have influenced–would never have happened. This is the focus of the title poem in A Moment in Time, a poetic journey into the world of adult adoptee A J Bialo and her personal experiences with being adopted.

A J focuses on many topics that adoptees, including herself, have experienced as a result of being adopted. Some of these topics include abandonment and relationship issues. Feelings of not belonging and being the outsider always looking in. Pondering what our lives might have been like if we had not been adopted and the considerations and road blocks that we must consider when thinking about searching for our biological family. These are just some of the issues that adoptees ponder during their life, whether they ever talk about it to others or not.

While A Moment in Time is designed to reach the millions of adoptees in the United States, it is also meant for all readers, adopted or not, to better understand the adoptee journey through this insightful and intense collection of poetry.

Adoptee Author: A J Bialo

Publication Year: 2023

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A Moment in Time
A Moment in Time
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