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The Lucky Daughter

by Mariama J. Lockington


“Mariama J. Lockington’s The Lucky Daughter digs deep into the physicality of moving through this world as a queer woman of color. These poems – about race, sexuality, families (found, formed, and inherited) – are brutal in their honesty and beauty. “a girl” Lockington writes, “no. a seed. covered in blushing dirt. trying to grow herself up.” The voices in these poems are constantly trying to grow themselves up despite a world determined to destroy them. Fresh and pungent from gardens, wet from internal and external rivers, and complicated by profound questions of existence, these poems trace their voices back to before conception, rooting themselves in the histories of both violence and hope, all the way back to Lucy, our oldest ancestor, “whose birth is this/ the wound/the seed.” This collection is full of wounds and, because we are lucky, it is also full of the most graceful seeds.” –Anthony Frame, author of A Generation of Insomniacs and To Gain the Day

Adoptee Author: Mariama J. Lockington

Publication Year: 2017

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