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Life In-Between: A Story of Adoption, Recovery and Connection

by Julia F. Richardson

Born in 1958 and given up for adoption Julia’s story is an exploration of a search for love, belonging and identity. It is a story of relinquishment and reunion, of trauma and hope. It is a tale of overcoming addiction and learning to live with becoming real. This is a ‘coming out’ story. Julia uses her story telling and poetry to show us how the search for her true self along with deep connection was a necessary part of her healing and recovery. “I am a writer and an artist. I am a dreamer. I am woman, wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, adoptee, adventurer, truth seeker, colour loving, nature worshipping, sun loving English person who is genetically and spiritually connected to islands and mystery and sea and sky.” This book is for anyone who has felt that they aren’t good enough. Whether you are an adoptee or a birth parent, an adoptive parent or a human being who has experienced loss and trauma, you will understand and relate to Julia’s search for herself. The journey is one towards a realisation of being real and how the healing from trauma needs us to find relationship and connection. Ultimately this is a story of re-connection with self.

Adoptee Author: Julia F. Richardson

Publication Year: 2021

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Life In Between: A story of Adoption, Recovery and Connection.
Life In Between: A story of Adoption, Recovery and Connection.
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