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Let Us Be Greater: A Gentle, Guided Path to Healing for Adoptees

by Michelle Madrid

Adoption is a lifeline of support and opportunity for countless people, but it can bring challenges and emotional conditions that are often silenced or left unaddressed, including PTSD, risk of suicide, and fear of abandonment. Author Michelle Madrid has experienced these challenges as a foster child and international adoptee and now as an adoptive parent and adoptee-empowerment coach. Michelle has learned that the complex emotions and psychological turmoil of adoption — including feelings of involuntary exile, anger, distrust, confusion, and unworthiness — are best healed through identification, exploration, and understanding. Written with compassion and authenticity, Let Us Be Greater will help adoptees and their families feel heard, seen, and understood as they work to build open, fulfilling, and healthy relationships.

Adoptee Author: Michelle Madrid

Publication Year: 2023

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