The title of this book can be both inflammatory and comforting; different people need to read it different ways. The reality is that the desire for information has nothing to do with parenting or personality, but an innate desire.

It’s Not About You is an adoptee-focused anthology project intended to comfort those who fear the desire for information and connection is any kind of judgement on themselves. Our purpose is also to confront those who try to make it about themselves, missing the opportunity to support and connect with the adoptee who needs this information.

Editor: Brooke Randolph

Adoptee Authors: Wendy Barkett, Karen Belanger, Deanna Binkofsky, April Dinwoodie, Lynn Grubb, Jodi Haywood, Kimberly Paglino, Christina Romo, Lucy Sheen, Deanna Doss Shrodes

Authors: Bari Benjamin, Kristin Berry, Maris Blechner, Jeff Chafin, Erik Deckers, Barbara Freedgood, Annie Jacobs, Mary McBride, Deesha Philyaw, Brooke Randolph, Joshua Redfern, Kerrie Siegl, Gayle Swift

Publication Year: 2017

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