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I Didn’t Know I Was Black Until You Told Me

by Thomas Kirst

An inspirational book detailing the profound changes in the life of a black child being left at a hospital after birth. Thirteen months into his life being adopted by a white couple that migrated from Europe before World War II, who would later adopt over twenty children with different nationalities.

The author writes of his emotional struggles from being abandoned and not knowing how to accept love to searching for answers to the pain and confusion that comes with growing up in white churches and schools while being black in the 1980s. Through anger, drugs, alcohol, jail, death, racism, and having the feeling there’s no one to connect with to finding out who he is.

The author takes you for a riveting ride through his life as he never gives up to find the answers he is looking for that haunted him throughout his life.

Through life, love, hate, hurt, tears, and confusion, the author finds what he is looking for. But did he? An unbelievable ending to a lost soul that endured emotional trauma as in the end, he learns to love what he pushed away, learns to accept his life and who he is.

Adoptee Author: Thomas Kirst

Publication Year: 2019

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I Didn't Know I Was Black Until You Told Me
I Didn't Know I Was Black Until You Told Me
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