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Hunting Shadows: An Adoptee’s Journey

by Dan Sandifer

“Today class, we are going to talk a little about genetics” With these words, Hunter begins a journey to reveal what it means to be adopted. As he sets out to discover all the branches of his family tree, he finds obstacles at every turn. Sometimes they are in the form of thoughtless assumptions, misleading information, misguided policies, as well as his own fear of his parent’s reaction and what he may find. Then there is the adoption agency, which is only too happy to help as long as Hunter has the money. With the support of good friends and a few helpful angels along the way, he continues his search for his roots and to look into eyes like his.

The author is an adoptee and birth father.

Adoptee Author: Dan Sandifer

Publication Year: 2011

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Hunting Shadows: An Adoptee's Journey
Hunting Shadows: An Adoptee's Journey
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