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Home is Where the Heart is: An Adoption and Biological Reunion Story

by Jenni Alpert

Years after being taken away from her birth parents as a baby by the state and then being adopted out of the foster care system at age four, singer-songwriter Jenni Alpert decided to search for her birth father with the help of a private investigator, resumed her birth name “Cami” to be recognized by him if reunited, and finally finds him roaming the streets of Long Beach homeless, addicted, and running from the law, yet a musician just like her.

In a world where homelessness has become more prevalent today than ever, this biological duo partner up and tackle the impossible. Together they embark upon profound adventures of transformation as Cami takes her birth father under her wing using unique solution solving systems to shadowing him through transitions pioneering a path to his release from the legal system for the first time since he was nine and ending his cycle of homelessness all the while motivating his halt of his drug use and street crime. Through resilience, volunteering, and sharing their story they partner together and work to inspire others experiencing homelessness, addiction, and loss along the way.

While following “Cami” discovering the roots of her adopted self and the reunification with her birth father, this dynamic story ultimately reflects the impact of how creating a common ground of togetherness despite dichotomy can spark lifelong profound transformations. As the biological duo explore their vastly contrasting worlds playing music together and giving back, they meld an incredible bond of an extraordinary partnership and unconditional love between them. Today Jenni Alpert “Cami” and her birth father Don continue to share their stories and songs from city to city in rescue missions, shelters, and local music venues with others facing similar challenges surrounding homelessness, addiction, incarceration, foster care, adoption, and biological reunions. Their journey continues to impact those who discover them. Look out for Homeless: the Soundtrack a short documentary that captures the early stages of “Cami” and Don’s biological reunion story which intimate documents a courageous journey nestled in the larger pressing issue of homelessness not only in Los Angeles, but all around the globe.

Adoptee Author: Jenni Alpert

Publication Year: 2021

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