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The Heart Of The Matter: EMDR Through An Adoptee’s Eyes

by Maya Luque with Kate Mounts

This book is a personal reflection on how EMDR Therapy helped one adoptee through a personal journey of acceptance and healing. As one of the girls adopted from China in the early 1990s, author and illustrator Maya Luque has had her life changed by EMDR therapy. This book shares her fear of trying EMDR, the feelings she had while experiencing EMDR, and the insights she took away from the therapy. The book has been contributed to by recently retired LCSW professional Kate Mounts. Before retirement, Kate Mounts has forty-three years of service in social work. Although she worked with child welfare, adoption, trauma, and loss her entire professional career, it was her adoption, loss, and reunion experience that was her greatest teacher and informed her practice as a therapist for adults and children impacted by adoption, early life trauma or loss. Kate found EMDR to be life-changing.

Adoptee Author: Maya Luque

Author: Kate Mounts

Publication Year: 2020

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The Heart Of The Matter: EMDR Through An Adoptee's Eyes
The Heart Of The Matter: EMDR Through An Adoptee's Eyes
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