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Found: Adopted Friends Search for their Birth Families

by Trish Diggins and Sherri Craig-Evans

Lifelong friends–both adoptees–decided they would take a chance and search for their birth parents using online DNA kits and social media. It turns out, that was the easy part. What happened over the next five years was much more difficult–trying to forge relationships with a multitude of related strangers while navigating decades of invisible and unexpected emotional land mines. This is what they found.

Whether you’re connected with adoption or not, Found is an incredible, unique human interest story that sends readers on a roller coaster of emotions regarding building relationships, family, friendship, pluses and pitfalls of online DNA searching and social media, parenthood, what makes a family, and much more. Written in an easy, friend-to-friend style, Found is an honest, raw, insightful and powerful look into the authors’ hearts and minds. The book also includes several additional short stories of others that searched for lost family after hearing of the authors searches, and their own insight into their own experiences with reunion.

Adoptee Authors: Sherri Craig-Evans, Trish Diggins

Publication Year: 2023

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Found: Adopted Friends Search for their Birth Families
Found: Adopted Friends Search for their Birth Families
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