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Dust of the Streets: The Journey of a Biracial Orphan of the Korean War

by Thomas Park Clement

Autobiography of a half and half Korean boy born in the middle of the Korean War found at age 5 on the streets of Seoul, post war, adopted into the U.S. who eventually grew up to be a medical device inventor with over two dozen U.S. medical patents.

Thomas Park Clement musically invokes his early Dickensian childhood, tender pained youth (always hard at work and play), inventive enterprises and their phenomenal successes, and, in his adulthood, his ongoing concern about orphans with overflowing generosity and love. This vibrant record of lived life differs from the greatest of fictional depictions of orphaned childhoods blighted into a ruin. For Thomas’ solid creative soul that has withstood and triumphed emerges in this book as a superb work of art, capable of speaking to us of the mysteries of what it is to be human, what is best and beautiful in life, that transforms our own soul to a finer shape. It is a work of art the creative mind of the inventor has ceaselessly reshaped, a work of art that shows paths to freedom from the imprisoning past looking into the future by caring about others.

Adoptee Author: Thomas Park Clement

Publication Year: 2012 (2nd edition; originally published 1998 under the title The Unforgotten War: Dust of the Streets)

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