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Desire: A Haunting

by Molly Gaudry

Traumatized by the events of We Take Me Apart, the unlikely heroine of Desire: A Haunting leads a silent life in the cottage that has been in her family since Hester Prynne first bequeathed it to Pearl–whose endearingly cranky spirit remains. So begins this strange friendship between “dog” and a ghost calling herself “Ogie.” A different kind of love story, Desire is about how dog and Ogie learn to care for each other after only pretending to at first, about how they adopt a ghost child named William whose fascination with holidays brings celebration to the cottage, and about how long-ago dresses made from flowers stitch the three of them closer and invites new spirit into their lives.

Adoptee Author: Molly Gaudry

Publication Year: 2018

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Desire: A Haunting
Desire: A Haunting
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