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Crossing the Cherry Blossom Sea: An Adoptee’s Memoir

by M. Rosales

In this compelling memoir, M. Rosales recalls the day she was torn away from South Korea at the age of five alongside her younger sister, to live with an American family. With barely any memories of her former life, Rosales navigates the complexities of loss, grief, identity, and abuse while growing up in the Pacific Northwest, affecting her once inseparable bond with her sister.

Years later as a single mother, a triggering event in her pursuit of love reopens her scar of abandonment, prompting her to embark on a transformative journey to search for her birth parents and return to Korea after 29 years. As Rosales begins to uncover her roots and explores the intricate depths of sisterhood, enduring cultural and family bonds, and forgiveness, she discovers that true healing lies in embracing her past.

Written with raw candor and touching resonance, Crossing the Cherry Blossom Sea is a testament to the human spirit and the universal quest for love and belonging, and will resonate with adoptees and readers from all walks of life.

Adoptee Author: M. Rosales

Publication Year: 2024

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Crossing the Cherry Blossom Sea: An Adoptee's Memoir
Crossing the Cherry Blossom Sea: An Adoptee's Memoir
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