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Adoption’s Hidden History: From Native American Tribes to Locked Lives (Vol. 1)

by Mary S. Payne

Adoptions are finalized daily across America. Like the root system of a giant oak, tentacles of its history are submerged in years of human experience. Native Americans adopted children and adults into their tribes before pilgrims settled in the New World. Early-day adoption advocates took detailed notes of tribal organization leading to adoption’s acceptance by the general population. Using Oklahoma as an example, this study details how state leaders promoted adoption as a way to cope with an expanding number of orphaned and neglected children, as well as unmarried, pregnant women. Instead of tightening adoption laws to protect children, legislators established amended birth records and sealed the child’s original name, date and place of birth. “Adoption’s Hidden History: From Native American Tribes to Locked Lives” gives adult adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents and adoption professionals many “aha” moments. It is the back story of every adopted person.

Adoptee Author: Mary S. Payne

Publication Year: 2013

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