Most adoptive parents don’t know that their child has a different “heart language” than theirs. They need a translator, which Sherrie Eldridge becomes in her new book.

  • Read real-life accounts from 100 adoptive parents who “get it”
  • Learn how to speak your child’s “heart language” fluently (different than yours)
  • Soak in the words of love from your child from infancy to adulthood–if you’re having a difficult time, you can look ahead and know it won’t always hurt as much
  • Give as a gift to new or veteran adoptive parents
In her groundbreaking first book, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents KnewSherrie Eldridge gave voice to the very real concerns of adopted children, whose unique perspectives offered unprecedented insight. In this all-new companion volume, Eldridge goes beyond those insights and shifts her focus to parents, offering them much-needed encouragement and hope.

Adoptee Author: Sherrie Eldridge

Publication Year: 2009

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