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Odyssey of a Belief: An Adoptee’s Journal

by Joe Wh. Zychik

Odyssey of a Belief is a compelling chronicle about triumph over seemingly hopeless circumstances. The author spent the first six years of his life in eight different homes and two foster centers while being parented by seven different mothers, one grandmother, and who knows how many different fathers until he was adopted by a violent, deranged couple. His adoptive father attempted to murder him. His adoptive mother tried to sexually seduce him. He dropped out of high school. He committed petty crimes. By the time he was 21 he wasn’t qualified for anything beyond flipping hamburgers, scrubbing floors and washing dishes. Despite the cruelties he suffered, he went on to help others overcome addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, overeating, and smoking. Couples used his advice to save their marriages. The distressed, the addicted, the sad and the lonely found joy and purpose in life through his help. He is 72 years old, financially successful, in excellent health, and happily married to the woman he’s been with for 40 years. In a world filled with self-pity, anger and hate, Odyssey of a Belief is a much needed true story about the better side of human nature.

Adoptee Author: Joe Wh. Zychik

Publication Year: 2018

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Odyssey Of A Belief: An Adoptee's Journal
Odyssey Of A Belief: An Adoptee's Journal
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