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We Take Me Apart

by Molly Gaudry

Shortlisted for the 2011 PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award for Poetry
Nominated for the McLaughlin-Esstman-Stearns First Novel Prize

“There is no more perfect place to be than in Molly Gaudry s tender, dirt-floored novella, We Take Me Apart. Oh cabbage leaves, oh roses, oh orange-slice childhood grins: this book broke my heart. Its sad memory-tropes come from fairy tales & childhood books. With language, Gaudry is as loving & careful as one is with a matchbook . . . when wishing to set the whole word on fire. –Kate Bernheimer, author of The Complete Tales of Merry Gold

“Molly Gaudry’s debut evokes the spirit of iconic fairy tales that have transported readers for centuries. Her variations on these themes delineate the psychological journey from girlhood to womanhood. But We Take Me Apart is more than a retelling. In it, Gaudry reconstitutes the essence of what makes fairy tales compelling, and she does so imaginatively and with great attention to language, the earmarks of poetry.”–Christopher Kennedy, author of Encouragement for a Man Falling to His Death

Adoptee Author: Molly Gaudry

Publication Year: 2014, re-release (originally published 2009)

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We Take Me Apart
We Take Me Apart
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