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The Wall of Secrets: Memoir of The Almost Daughter

by Claire Hitchon (with Janice Harper)

Do you feel you belong; that you fit-in in this world? Have you experienced abuse, adoption, loss, and grief? The Wall of Secrets was how I survived those feelings of not belonging, not fitting-in; not being wanted or loved. Each drawer holds one of my traumas, one of my secrets. Not only do adoptees struggle with these feelings, but perhaps everyday people like you do as well. The Wall of Secrets proves that people can change; that our thoughts do affect our daily lives and the direction we take. That inside, deep inside, your heart and soul you can find the diamonds of your authentic self. We all want to belong, to be loved, to trust and be our true selves. A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to Covenant House Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Adoptee Author: Claire Hitchon

Author: Janice Harper

Publication Year: 2015

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The Wall of Secrets: Memoir of The Almost Daughter
The Wall of Secrets: Memoir of The Almost Daughter
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