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A Twenty Year Journey: An Adoptee’s Search for Answers

by Cathryn B. Stanley

Secrets, sacrifice, lies, love, abandonment, acceptance, grief, joy, regret, jubilation, and fortitude are nestled within the pages of A Twenty-Year Journey. Join me as I share the twists and turns of my pilgrimage with you. Incredibly my circle of existence is quite small, yet the cast of characters grows daily. South Louisiana boasts of delicious seafood, unique music, and the famous Cajun culture. However, beyond that you’ll find the people strong, kind-hearted, and loyal. It’s a place I’m proud to call home. Family is of paramount importance to most of us and researching your past is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll likely find unexpected information that you will be left to digest emotionally. Once a stone is overturned, there is no going back. Be prepared for some family secrets to surface as well as hitting brick walls which trigger unanswerable questions. Journeys such as mine will impact innocent people and you must brace yourself for their various, sometimes unpredictable reactions. Whether you’re looking for your biological family, researching your genealogy, or simply curious about your origin and ethnicity, my hope is that you’ll find inspiration and research methods that can assist you. I hope yours is a wonderful spiritual journey, as was mine. Remember, DNA doesn’t lie!

Adoptee Author: Cathryn B. Stanley

Publication Year: 2019

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A Twenty Year Journey: An Adoptee's Search for Answers
A Twenty Year Journey: An Adoptee's Search for Answers
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