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Tapioca Fire

by Suzanne Gilbert

Tapioca Fire opens when Susan tries to solve the mystery of a missing parent only to uncover a greater crime. Susan Piper was adopted years ago in Thailand. A once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity brings her to Japan for the opening of a new museum. It also gives her the excuse to hop another flight to visit the world of the woman forced to give her away years ago. Susan’s quest introduces her to the subculture of the adoption search and reunion movement. There is the detective Susan hires who specializes in adoption reunions and carries a secret of his own. Her journey rocks her marriage to David whose father abandoned the family years ago. Together they explore the rich spirituality behind David’s decision not to pursue his own lost parent. Then that secret finds them. But it is as much the story of her adoptive parents who were part of the pioneering generation who adopted internationally. They visit Thailand, a country of precious gems and orphans, convulsed by the struggles for democracy. Her poignant meeting with her birth mother uncovers a deeper more dangerous tragedy. Beautiful and haunting, Tapioca Fire proves the adage that the most difficult part of a quest is the journey home.

Adoptee Author: Suzanne Gilbert

Publication Year: 2013

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Tapioca Fire
Tapioca Fire
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