A simple need for her birth certificate leads Jane, aged 19, to a devastating secret: she is adopted. Stunned, Jane is sworn to secrecy and forbidden to search for her biological family – a promise she honours until the death of her adoptive parents. A heart-wrenching family crisis and a longing to know her origins then drive Jane to painstakingly research her roots in Rhodesia, Johannesburg, London, Berlin and Sydney. Who were her biological parents, and why had she been adopted? And who imposed the conditions for her adoption and why? Almost forty years after finding out about her adoption, Jane is welcomed warmly into her biological mother’s family in London. Astonished, Jane is told her talented, complex and attractive mother was a British spy sent to Arnhem in the Netherlands just prior to the ‘Market Garden’ airborne invasion during WWII. Secrets, Spies and Spotted Dogs interweaves the raw emotion of adoptee discovery, the heart-pounding threads of WWII espionage at Arnhem, and the author’s poignant search for truth and identity.

Adoptee Author: Jane Eales

Publication Year: 2014

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