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Rooted in Adoption Journal: Adoptee Writing Prompts for Self-Reflection, Discovery, and Healing

by Veronica Breaux

This journal consists of over 50 writing prompts specially created for adoptees. The journal is divided into seven sections: Love and Relationships, Childhood Memories, Difficult Emotions, Listen to Adoptees, Adoption and the Media, Search and Reunion, and Personal Growth. Writing is a powerful way to process trauma, regulate emotions, and increase resilience. After every section, you will find a resting point reminding you to breathe and be gentle to yourself. These journal prompts are not indicative of every adoptee’s experience, but they do represent the voices of many. As you navigate through the Rooted in Adoption Journal, do [not] allow yourself to be concerned with grammar or punctuation. Just write from your heart, and most important, write unapologetically and write free.

Adoptee Author: Veronica Breaux

Publication Year: 2022

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