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Planted by Love: Beauty for Ashes Through Finding My Birth Mother

by Linda S. Congdon

When I was a small child in the early 1950’s, my adoptive parents read me a story book about a mother and father going to a special place and choosing a child to become part of their family. The emphasis of this story conveyed that an adopted child was special because they were chosen, which is true. But I had no idea that half of the story was missing. Who were my natural parents and why was I given up? What was my story? I wouldn’t even start asking those questions until I was 38, when I suddenly had the unsolicited thought, “you have a natural father.” This thought would prove to be the key that the Author of my life would use to bring me in touch with my heart and my true story.

Adoptee Author: Linda S. Congdon

Publication Year: 2022

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