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New Books Added — Week Ending 3/14/15

We’ve added 6 titles to Adoptee Reading Resource this week! (Actually, in the past two weeks, as we did not post an update last week.)


Bastards: A Memoir by Mary Anna King (adoptee author) FORTHCOMING 2015!

A Legitimate Life: A Forbidden Journey of Self-Discovery by Melinda A. Warshaw (adoptee author)

Parenting As Adoptees edited by Adam Chau and Kevin Ost-Vollmers (anthology of adoptee authors)

Searching for the Castle: Backtrail of an Adoption by Barbara Leigh Ohrstrom (adoptee author)

Songs of My Families: A Thirty-Seven-Year Odyssey from Korea to America and Back by Kelly Fern (adoptee author) with Brad Fern


The English American by Alison Larkin (adoptee author)

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