We’ve added 8 titles to Adoptee Reading Resource this week!



Jack & Emma’s Adoptee Journey by Pam Kroskie (adoptee author)



Dust of the Streets: The Journey of a Biracial Orphan of the Korean War by Thomas Park Clement (adoptee author)

The Goodbye Baby: A Diary About Adoption by Elaine Pinkerton (adoptee author)

Outer Search Inner Journey by Peter Dodds (adoptee author)

Santa Fe Blogger: Life After Adoption Recovery by Elaine Pinkerton (adoptee author)

Ten Thousand Sorrows by Elizabeth Kim (adoptee author)

The Tip Jar: Follow One Woman’s Journey of Being Adopted and Finding Her Way Back Home by Viorica Culea (adoptee author)  NEW 2015 RELEASE!



A Law of Blood-ties: The “Right” to Access Genetic Ancestry by Alice Diver (adoptee author)


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