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Music for Torching

by A. M. Homes

As A.M. Homes’s incendiary novel unfolds, the Kodacolor hues of the good life become nearly hallucinogenic. Laying bare the foundations of a marriage, flash frozen in the anxious entropy of a suburban subdivision, Paul and Elaine spin the quit terrors of family life into a fantastical frenzy that careens out of control. From a strange and hilarious encounter with a Stepford Wife neighbor to an ill-conceived plan for a tattoo, to a sexy cop who shows up at all the wrong moments, to a housecleaning team in space suits, a mistress calling on a cell phone, and a hostage situation at a school, A.M. Homes creates characters so outrageously flawed and deeply human that they are entirely believable.

Adoptee Author: A. M. Homes

Publication Year: 1999

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Music for Torching
Music for Torching
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