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Looking Into Alice’s Eyes : An Adoption Journey of Loss, Self-Discovery, and Peace

by Robert L. DuBois

This is an adoption story of two people; a birth mother and a son who briefly meet on a turbulent afternoon in 1967 in Flint, Michigan. They spend the next half century separated by a few miles and a million regrets. Various circumstances keep them apart until a random phone call changes everything.  They learn that the hardest battle to fight is the one within our own minds and that we all are prisoners of our own fears and resentments which keep us from moving forward in our lives. ​

This journey describes how a single, uneducated, middle-aged woman unexpectedly becomes pregnant, gives her baby up for adoption, and then learns to live with the emotional fallout of this decision for the rest of her life. Her relinquished child searches for his true identity and is shocked by the answers he finds.

Robert L. DuBois, the author, and adult adoptee presents a narrative that shows both sides of the adoption experience as he explores the journeys of both birth mother and adoptee through the complex emotions and complications of adoption. Both search for forgiveness, healing and ultimately, peace with their life choices. Each chapter is written from either the birth mother’s viewpoint or adoptee’s perspective at various times during the journey from relinquishment to conclusion.

Adoptee Author: Robert L. DuBois

Publication Year: 2020

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