Adopted into an affluent and aristocratic family, Melinda A. Warshaw had everything a little girl could want—the best clothes, the best toys, horse riding lessons, anything else her heart desired. But what she didn’t have was answers. Why was she so different from the people she lived with? Why were her most natural artistic impulses disdained and discouraged regularly by her adoptive mother? Why? Why? Profound sadness consumed the young woman, and as she sought her true identity, she dodged a sexually abusive older brother, a lecherous father, and incessant pressure from her mother to develop into the WASP image she treasured. Suffering PTSD and encountering immobilizing triggers around every corner, Melinda soldiered on. From 1947 to the present, join the author on a road to truth, redemption, and most of all—answers.

Adoptee Author: Melinda A. Warshaw

Publication Year: 2012

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