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The Last Year

by Amelia Banis

Being adopted is one thing. Being adopted and navigating the complexities of having unexpected relationships with both biological parents is something quite different. Having two sets of parents can be an incredible gift, but it can also be unimaginably complicated and challenging. Its often filled with mixed emotions of the past for everyone involved. In The Last Year, author Amelia Banis shares her story as an adoptee. She tells about the exhilarating and heartbreaking twists and turns in the search for understanding her past as well as how she moved forward with a whole new future. Touching and honest, this memoir speaks to one woman’s experiences caring for her dying adoptive father in the last year of his life. Sharing the chronicle of their sometimes strained relationship and her own journey to meet her biological parents, Banis narrates her story to help others learn to let go, forgive, and face the turbulent emotions of the passing of loved ones, even when those relationships are troubled.

Adoptee Author: Amelia Banis

Publication Year: 2018

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The Last Year
The Last Year
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