Including More Than 450 Adoptee-Recommended Titles!

Introducing the Adoptee Reading Bookshop

We’re happy to share that Adoptee Reading now has a storefront on For those unfamiliar, Bookshop is a website launched earlier this year that exclusively sells books and shares all profits with independent bookstores throughout the United States.

Adoptee Reading is participating in Bookshop’s affiliate program, which means we will earn 10% of every purchase made via our Bookshop storefront or via one of our Bookshop links here on this site. And, a purchase from Bookshop will also support independent bookstores at the same time.

From the start, Adoptee Reading has participated in Amazon’s affiliate program, and we will continue to do so for several reasons: Bookshop is still in beta mode and is currently offering only books available in the U.S. and Canada through the distributor Ingram. While this means they do offer many of the books we have listed here at Adoptee Reading, it also means that there are a significant number of books listed here that are not yet available on Bookshop, including many titles that have been published through Amazon itself, a popular choice for self-published authors. Also, though Bookshop’s goal is to be competitive with Amazon in order to help brick and mortar bookstores, Bookshop’s prices are sometimes higher than Amazon’s. Adoptee Reading’s mission is to help readers find books about the adoptee experience, so we want to offer as many purchase options as we reasonably can.

Currently, affiliate income from purchases made via the links on this website are Adoptee Reading’s only source of income. This income is very small, but we’re grateful that it is enough to cover the cost of website hosting. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a book through one of our links in the past. When you’re ready to buy one of the books listed on this site, we hope you’ll consider supporting Adoptee Reading by making your purchase through one of our affiliate links. You can also browse our Bookshop storefront here.