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Family Medical History: Unknown/Adopted

by Nancy Kacirek Feldman and Rebecca Crofoot

Knowing where you came from often determines who you are.

At the age of forty-five, Nancy Feldman knew how her doctor appointment would go. They would ask her about her family’s health history, and she would hear the doctor’s familiar sigh after she answered, “I don’t know, I’m adopted.”

Being perfectly happy with the loving family she had, Feldman never took an interest in finding her biological parents until diagnosed with a disease that she passed on to her son. Suddenly, Nancy’s lack of family history was affecting someone else. Nancy wrote a letter to the Nebraska Children’s Home Society for help, and the adoption agency assigned her case to Rebecca Crofoot. This began a seventeen-year journey between the two women who were determined to find information about a family that might not know, or want to know, Nancy existed.

Family Medical History: Unknown/Adopted is a heart-warming story of personal, medical, genealogical, and emotional discovery.

Adoptee Author: Nancy Kacirek Feldman

Author: Rebecca Crofoot

Publication Year: 2014

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