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Dear Me….: Letters to Our Younger Adoptee Selves

Edited by Julia F. Richardson

This is a book of words and pictures. The images are important because they reflect the people we are now and the children we were growing up. We can see ourselves on the page and know we are real. These are letters of love, hope and strength from adult adoptees to their younger selves. They are also letters from survivors who have made it through difficult and challenging experiences. Some are written to ourselves as a baby, or as a child or teen/young adult. All are deeply and profoundly moving in their tenderness, and honesty. These are the words we wish we had when we were young, the stories we wish we were told, the emotions we couldn’t express. This book is for all adoptees young and old and for parents of adopted people and foster carers and birth families who wonder what their adopted person thought or felt.

Adoptee Editor: Julia F. Richardson

Adoptee Authors: Yael Adler, Black Sheep, Sara Disselkamp, Mary Ellen Gambutti, Heather, Virginia Mackay, Sarah Mays, Nicole McGrath, Shannon Quist, Julia F. Richardson, Paige Adams Strickland, Cat Theresa

Publication Year: 2022

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Dear Me….: Letters to our younger adoptee selves
Dear Me....: Letters to our younger adoptee selves
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