Pam Cates had led a charmed life. As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and artist, she had everything she’d always dreamed of–a big house in the country, a wonderful husband, lovely daughter, her parents living next door, and time to paint and garden. She always knew she was adopted and felt blessed to be part of the Bierwirth family, along with her adopted and natural-born siblings. Pam felt special growing up because she and her siblings were told they were loved, and that they had been chosen. All this changed in her fifties when Pam’s mother developed COPD and depression. In a matter of a few years, her mother’s death became the first loss of her idyllic life, followed by her father’s passing five years later. While grieving the loss of her parents, events conspired to put Pam on a path to discover more about herself than she had ever thought possible. After her parents’ deaths, she was overtaken with a need to know who she was. Pam followed her curiosity on a journey of self-discovery. She wanted to know who her ancestors were, and, if possible, she wanted to find her biological family. Pam learned about DNA testing, genetics genealogy, and the possibility that it might be conceivable for her to learn her ethnicity. Pam quickly became a DNA detective, tracking down her biological family, leading to a reunion with them just as the biggest loss of all struck.

Adoptee Author: Pam Cates

Publication Year: 2021

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Daughter Reassembled: An Adoption Search and Reunion Memoir
Daughter Reassembled: An Adoption Search and Reunion Memoir
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