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While we will accept suggestions from those who are not adopted, please keep in mind that we are interested specifically in pieces that reflect adoptee perspectives or that educate about the adoption industry. We reserve the right to decline any suggestion. In the interest of time, we cannot reply personally either to accept or decline link suggestions.

Links to edited publications and websites will be given higher priority. We will consider links to personal blog posts, however to be accepted a blog post must be written in the spirit of an informative article or a substantial op-ed or a creative essay. Look through blog posts we’ve previously accepted to get an idea of what this means.

Links to websites or publications of adoption agencies, adoption facilitators, or pregnancy centers will NOT be approved.

PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR SUGGESTION ONE TIME. Submitting the same suggestion multiple times will NOT increase the chances of your suggestion being added to the list, but it will slow down the process by unnecessarily taking up more of our time. Please do not ask your friends and family to also submit the same suggestion, as this will also unnecessarily take up more of our time.

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