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As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

by Eileen Munro with Carol McKay

The harrowing true story of how one woman was betrayed by everyone who was supposed to care for her. When Eileen Munro’s mother became pregnant at 17, she was told to give her baby away to a “good family,” but the couple who paid the fee at the Salvation Army mother-and-baby home in Glasgow in 1963 turned out to be alcoholics who neglected and physically abused Eileen. Then, when their marriage broke down, they failed to protect her from sexual abuse at the hands of a family friend. After watching her adoptive mother drown on inhaled vomit, Eileen and her younger sister were taken into care, but her nightmare was to continue as she was subjected to further physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. At the age of only 16, eight months into a secret pregnancy, she decided that the only way out was through a bottle of painkillers; when she survived and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, he became her lifeline.

Adoptee Author: Eileen Munro

Author: Carol McKay

Publication Year: 2008

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As I Lay Me Down to Sleep
As I Lay Me Down to Sleep
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