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After the Truth: A Memoir

by Paige Adams Strickland

What do you do when you are an adopted adult, trying to balance biological and adoptive families in addition to your own home life? How could being adopted have an impact on your career, your friendships and parenting decisions? What do you do when your biological family members still do not know about you, but only live 20 minutes away? Being an adoptee is different as an adult-in-reunion compared to being an adopted child and knowing nothing, but the effects never disappear. In this sequel to Akin to the Truth: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity, Paige reflects on key moments in life as a teacher, spouse, parent, daughter and friend and how being an adopted person affects her perception of these crucial parts of living. After the Truth addresses some unanswered questions from the previous book, Akin to the Truth and shares what being an adopted person experiences when they still might not have all the answers but must continue to successfully navigate through jobs, relationships and other aspects of adult life while waiting for more truths to be revealed.

Adoptee Author: Paige Adams Strickland

Publication Year: 2017

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After the Truth: A Memoir
After the Truth: A Memoir
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