This anthology begins with personal accounts and then shifts to a bird’s eye view on adoption from domestic, intercountry and transracial adoptees who are now adoptee rights activists. Along with adopted people, this collection also includes the voices of mothers and a father from the Baby Scoop Era, a modern-day mother who almost lost her child to adoption, and ends with the experience of an adoption investigator from Against Child Trafficking.

Editors: Janine Myung Ja, Michael Allen Potter, Allen L. Vance

Adoptee Authors: Casper Anderson, Cryptic Omega, Trace DeMeyer, Peter Dodds, Arun Dohle, Erica Gehringer, Jeffrey Hancock, Bob Honecker, Tobias Hubinette, Daniel Ibn Zayd, Sunny Jo Johnsen, Khara, Tinan Leroy, Georgiana A. Macavei, Vanessa Pearce, Michael Allen Potter, Paul Redmond, Lucy Sheen, Joe Soll, Janine Vance

Publication Year: 2014

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